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LENS WIPES /Emergency Eye Wash Stations /Replacement Bottles/Preservative. WE HAVE MORE NOT LISTED!
LENS CLEANING WIPES. Pre-Moistened Lens Cleaning Towelettes. Individually Packaged. Choose From: *5" X 8" 100 Wipes Per Dispenser Box $5.95 **Large Size 8" x 11" 30 Wipes Per Dispenser Box $5.95/Box (PN:64051461..)
LENS CLEANING WIPES CANISTER. Pre-Moistened Lens Cleaning Towelettes 100 Per Pull-Out Canister 5" X 8". $7.25/each (PN:64051462)
LENS CLEANING STATION. Disposable Lens Cleaning Stations. Choose From 2 Sizes Small & Large. Starting @ $5.95/Station.(PN:64051473)
AG (PN:32000451)
EYEWASH / REFILLS. Eyesaline Personal Eyewash Bottles. 5 Sizes to Choose From (1oz, 4oz., 8oz. 16oz. 32oz). Starting @. $2.40/Each (PN:32000451...) Manufactured by Honeywell.
EYEWASH / EYEWASH STATIONS. Emergency Eye / Skin Flush Stations Single or Double Wall Stations 16oz and 32oz. Available. Starting @ $26.50 / Each (PN:32000454....) Manufactured by Honeywell.
WATER ADDITIVE. Fend-All Water Preservative Porta Stream® II Recommended Refills 8oz Bottles. $8.25/each or $31.20/case (PN:32-001100-0000) Manufactured by Honeywell.
AG (PN:32-000502)
WATER ADDITIVE. Fend-all® Sperian Saline Concentrate Eye Wash Solution For Porta Stream® Eye Wash Stations.3 Sizes to Choose From(1 Gallon, 70oz, 180oz). Starting @ $24.50/Container (PN:32-000502...) Manufactured by Honeywell.
EYEWASH. First Aid Emergency Eye Wash Cabinet. $84.50/each (PN:SH4242020) Manufactured by Swift.
AG (PN:32-000400-0000)
EYEWASH. Fend-all® Flash Flood® Emergency Eye Wash Station With 1 Gallon Saline Cartridge. $145.50 (PN:32-000400-0000) Manufactured by Fend-all.
EYEWASH. 16 Gallon Gravity Flow Eyewash Station.$260.50/Ea. & Refill $161.50/Set (PN:01116) Manufactured by Vision Aid.
ORS/AG (PN:G1750P)
EYEWASH. G1750 Series Wall Mounted Eye / Face Wash Station. Three to Choose From. Starting @ $240.00 / Each (PN:G1750P) Manufactured by Guardian Equipment .
ORS/AG (PN:G1635)
EYEWASH/SHOWER. G1635, G1643 & 1902 Series Emergency Shower. Starting @ $195.75/Each (PN:G1635...) Manufactured by Guardian Equipment.