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Fall Protection / Lanyards / Harnesses. WE HAVE MORE NOT LISTED!
ORS/AG (PN:T3320)
BODY BELTS with Side D-Rings & 3" Back Pad. Choose From Large or XL. $46.50/Each (PN:T3320) Manufactured by Honeywell.
ORS/AG (PN:19002E)
TOOL LANYARD. Squids 3100 Tool Lanyard Single & Double Carabiner. 4 Styles to Choose From. Starting @ $9.75/Each (PN:19002E) Manufactured by Ergodyne.
ORS/AG (PN:8174/U)
ROPE GRABS. Manual Rope Grab w/O-ring, Stainless Steel, 310 lb Load Cap. $136.50/each (PN:8174/U) Manufactured by Miller.
GRIP Anchorage Connectors. Portable/reusable anchorage connectors designed for use in concrete applications. 2 to Choose From. Starting @ $136.50/ Each. (PN:DFP496) Manufactured by Miller.
ORS/AG (PN:621003000)
STRAP. Pass Thur Tie-Off Adapter Anchorage Connector Straps with D-Ring. 3Ft. $48.50 or 6Ft $54.50/each (PN:621003000) Manufactured by Sala.
STRAP. 6' Nylon Cross-Arm Strap Anchorage Connector With 3" D-Ring. $39.50/Each (PN:81836FTGN) Manufactured by Honeywell.
AG/Logistics (PN:10072479.)
HARNESSES. Workman Safety Harnesses. Nine Styles to Choose From. Starting @ $42.50/Each (PN:10072479....) Manufactured by MSA.
AG/Logistics (PN:T4000UAK)
HARNESSES. Universal Titan T-Flex Stretchable Polyester Full Body Harness. With Sliding Back D-Ring, Tongue Buckle Legs, Mating Buckle Chest And Shoulder Straps And Sub-Pelvic Strap. 7 Styles to Choose From. Starting @ $48.50/Each (PN:T4000UAK....) Manufactured by Miller.
AG/Logistics (PN:10105889)
HARNESSES. Standard EVOTECH Full-Body Harness. With Qwik-Connect Chest And Leg Strap, Back D-Ring And Shoulder Padding. 6 Styles to Choose From. Starting @ $148.50/Each (PN:10105889...) Manufactured by MSA.
AG/Logistics (PN:AC-TB/UGN)
HARNESSES. Aircore Universal Harness. 6 Styles to choose from. Starting @ $234.50/Each (PN:AC-TB/UGN) Manufactured by Miller.
AG (PN:1102000)
HARNESSES. Delta No-Tangle Harnesses with Back D-Ring. $112.50/each (PN:1102000) Manufactured by DBI SALA.
LANYARD. 6' Green BackBiter Lanyard. With SofStop Shock Absorber and Snap Hooks. Single or Double Legs to Choose From. Starting @ $122.50/Each (PN:913B6FTGN...) Manufactured by Miller.
AG/Logistics (PN:10047084)
LANYARD. 6' FP5K Single-Leg Tie-Back Restraint Lanyard. With Sure-Stop Shock Absorber. $105.50/Each (PN:10047084) Manufactured by MSA.
LANYARD. 6' StretchStop Lanyards w/SofStop Shock Absorber. Two to Choose From Single or Double Legs. Starting @ $91.50/Each Manufactured by Miller.
AG (PN:1231117)
EXTENDER. 18" D-Ring Extender With Self-Locking Snap Hook At One End And D-Ring At Other End. $47.75/each (PN:1231117) Manufactured by DBI SALA.
Titan Tublar Webbing Lanyard With Shock Absorbing Pack. One or Two Legs - 4 Styles to Choose From. Starting @ $62.50/ea.-One Leg or $89.50-Two Leg. Manufactured by Miller.
AG (PN:MFL-1-Z7/6FT)
FALL LIMITER. MFL-1-Z7/6FT 6' TurboLite™ 1" Polyester Vectran Web Personal Fall Limiter With Locking Snap Hook or Rebar Hook End Connector And Steel Twist-Lock Carabiner Unit Connector. Starting @ $156.50/each (PN:MFL-1-Z7/6FT) Manufactured by Miller.
AG (PN:FL11-1-Z7/11FT)
FALL LIMITER. 11' Mini-Lite® 1" Polyester Fall Limiter With Steel Twist-Lock Carabiner. $252.50/each (PN:FL11-1-Z7/11FT) Manufactured by Miller.
AG (PN:10093349)
FALL LIMITER. Workman Personal Fall Limiters 12ft. Retractable Lifelines. Three to Choose From. Starting @ $148.50/Each (PN:10093349...) Manufactured by MSA.
AG (PN:10053559)
FALL LIMITER. 30' Aptura™ LT30 Self-Retracting Lanyard With SRL Connection 1" Steel Carabiner And Lifeline Connection LS Snap. $341.50/Each (PN:10053559) Manufactured by MSA.
AG/Logistics (PN:BRFK5050FT)
KIT. ReadyRoofer Fall Protection Systems. 50 or 75 Rope to Choose From. Starting @ $189.50/Kit (PN:BRFK5050FT...) Manufactured by Honeywell.