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Ear Plugs / Ear Muffs / Dispensers. WE HAVE MORE NOT LISTED!
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Radians (PN:DPG63BG50)
EARPLUGS. DeWalt Extremely Soft Foam Orange Uncorded Earplugs. NRR33db. 50 Pair per Zip Lock Bag. $11.50/Bag. (PN:DPG63BG50) Manufactured by DeWalt.
Radians (PN:FP30/31)
EARPLUGS. Wing Shaped Earplugs. UnCorded 200 Pair/Box or Corded PVC Dielectric Cord 100 Pair/Box. NRR 32. $17.85/Box (PN:FP30/31)
ORS/AG(PN:1100 / 1110)
EARPLUGS. 3M Bright Orange Corded & Uncorded Earplugs. Hypo-Allergenic Material, NRR29. $18.75/Box (PN:1100 / 1110) Manufactured by 3M.
ORS/AG (PN:1250/1252)
EARPLUGS. E-A-Rsoft Yellow Neons & Neon Blasts Corded & Uncorded Earplugs. NRR33. 4 Styles to Choose From. Starting @ $22.50Bx (PN:1250/1252) Manufactured by E-A-R.
EARPLUGS. Max Lite Earplugs Corded & Uncorded NRR30. Starting @ $22.50/Box (PN:LPF) Manufactured by Howard Leight.
EARPLUGS. Softies Foam Earplugs. 100% PVC-Free NRR 33. Uncorded $24.50/box, Corded $25.50/Box (PN:6600/6650) Manufactured by Moldex.
Logistics/ORS (PN:LL)
EARPLUGS. Laser Lite Earplugs Uncorded, Corded, LS-400 Refill & LS-500 Refill Starting @ $22.50 / Box (PN:LL) Manufactured by Howard Leight.
AG (PN:1820/21)
EARPLUGS. Single Use T-Shaped Orange Polyurethane Non-allergenic Foam Earplugs.Corded & Uncorded. $24.50/box (PN:1820/21)
ORS/AG (PN:6604/6654/6644)
EARPLUGS. SparkPlugs Foam Earplugs. Corded $28.50/box & Uncorded $26.50/box (PN:6604/6654/6644) Manufactured by Moldex.
EARPLUGS.Max Disposable Earplugs. 6 to Choose from. Corded or Uncorded NRR33. Starting @ $28.50/box (PN:MAX) Manufactured by Howard Leight.
ORS/AG (PN:312-1256/1254)
EARPLUGS. E-A-Rsoft SuperFit Earplugs 200 Pair Per Box. Uncorded $28.50/box, Corded $54.50/Box (PN:312-1256/1254) Manufactured by E-A-R.
ORS/AG (PN:312-1261/1274/1260)
EARPLUGS. Single Use E-A-R E-A-Rsoft Soft comfortable foam. NRR 33. Starting @ $28.50/Box (PN:312-1261/1274/1260) Manufactured by 3M.
EARPLUGS. Goin Green Foam Earplugs NRR 33. Corded or Uncorded $29.50/Box (PN:6620/6622) Manufactured by Moldex.
ORS/AG (PN:6870/6970)
EARPLUGS. Meteors Corded & Uncorded Earplugs. PVC-Free $29.50/box (PN:6870/6970) Manufactured by Moldex.
ORS/AG (PN:310-1001/1101,311-1101/1105, 312-1201)
EARPLUGS. E-A-R Classic Foam Earplugs. 200 Pair Per Box.5 Styles to choose from. Flame-retardant. Starting @ $32.50/Box (PN:310-1001/1101,311-1101/1105, 312-1201) Manufactured by 3M.
ORS/AG (PN:312-1208/1222)
EARPLUGS. Single Use E-A-R E-Z-Fit Bell Shaped PVC Foam Earplugs. NRR 28. 200 Pair per Box. Uncorded $32.50/box, Corded $62.50/box (PN:312-1208/1222) Manufactured by 3M.
ORS/AG (PN:310-1008/1009)
EARPLUGS. Red / Yellow Pillow Pack Uncorded Classic SuperFit 30 Earplugs $34.50/box & SuperFit 33 Earplugs $37.50/box (PN:310-1008/1009) Manufactured by E-A-R.
EARPLUGS Laser Trak Earplugs - Detectable. 100 Pair /Box NRR32. $39.50 / Box (PN:LT-30) Manufactured by Howard Leight.
EARPLUGS. Quiet Earplugs Corded or Uncorded $39.50/ Box or Corded-Individual Plastic Carrying Case $2.75/each. (PN:QD-1/QD-30) Manufactured by Howard Leight.
EARPLUGS.Rockets Reusable Earplugs with Carrying Case. $54.60/Box or $2.75/each (PN:6400/6405) Manufactured by Moldex.
EARPLUGS. Single Use E-A-R Classic Cylinder Shaped Earplugs. Flame Retardant. 500 Pair / Box. Corded $126.50/Box and Uncorded $68.40/Box (PN:312-1080/311-1081) Manufactured by 3M.
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